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I highly doubt this post will live up to its title, but nonetheless-its catchy, like smiles, or removing ones own eyeballs with crude instruments in an attempt to relay a power through an outlet on an otherwise thick skinned man-creature. Wait, that second one isn't that catchy... kinda not catchy at all.... oh well, I stand by it. Even though I'm sitting.
The past week the feelings have grown stronger, feelings I have discussed with none, other than me, and myself. A hooded knight, face obscured by shadows-the only light on his entire body emanating from where his right eye would be located. A nub where a left hand once resided, and twin symbols on either arm of his longcoat; twins, yet so different.

I've been speaking with them, they answer, but silently, so that even I do not hear their replies, yet I still know what they said. Onlookers would see a mad man, asking questions, and speaking as if there were another with them-but there is not, even I know that. The boundaries are there for a reason, and as unfortunate it is for me, it is very fortunate for humanity, and any race they would come across, that none have yet discovered the secret to passing through them. Skimming through the dimensional realms of human design, I have so far determined two that I shall be paying visits to upon our physical death.

Ahh, but I forget, there are preparations I must first make immediately upon exiting this world of cheats and liars. I must put a stop to this curse, shouldn't be too hard, considering I caused it.

Plans, so many plans, so much to do, and little time to accomplish it all. <--------- That was a joke. I literally have all the time I will ever need.

Well then, that's enough of an update for now, despite the fact that I completely avoided a certain topic that I must air to others.


There's punch and cookies on the table by the door, feel free to take as much as you like on your way out, its self-replenishing.


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